September 28th, 2017

New Factory For Aquatech Pressmain in Copford

Aquatech Pressmain move into new factory as Aquatronic Group Management Plc celebrate their 45th anniversary.

AGM Group Chairman Mr David Taylor started the business 45 years ago on his own with one van. Today AGM are a group of companies with over 50 vans and 150 employees.

The new factory in Copford provides a state of the art facility for Aquatech Pressmain to meet the challenges of leaving the European Union and the next 45 years.

Aquatech Pressmain, AGM’s brand of water pumps and pressurisation units can be found all over the world, enabling water to flow in buildings such as Tate Modern, Heathrow Airport and The Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Over the past 45 years when much of the UK’s manufacturing industries have been lost, AGM are understandably proud to have kept this side of the business not only profitable but thriving.