September 15th, 2017

Aquatech Pressmain help to pressurise the heating at The University of Warwick

The technical team from Aquatech Pressmain were asked to assist the estates team of Warwick University and their consulting engineers Couch Perry Wilkes to overcome a unique issue with pressurising the university campus heating system.

The challenge was to pressurise the system utilising two sealed system pressurisation units, in two plant rooms located on opposite sides of the system, something quite unusual, but essential to the university team to provide system redundancy in the event of maintenance down time of either of the two plant rooms.

Taking into consideration ordinance differences in the location of the two pressurisation units, each unit was set up with different pressure differentials in the controls systems to balance the system and then commissioned back into service.

“ I am delighted with the outcome and feel assured that in the future the sets will provide the back-up resilience needed.” Mr Peter Smith, Energy Centre Manager