October 29th, 2012

9 Pump Booster Set for University of Merseyside

Merseaside-UniAquatech Pressmain supply booster set for the University of Merseyside Hydraulic Science Department. The project involved the supply & installation of a bespoke AquaTech Pressmain HY9AV nine pump variable speed booster set.

As well as supplying the pump set, Aquatech Pressmains’ sister and service company Acorn Pressurisation Services installed an 8” ABS ring main (approx. 100m of pipe was installed, much of it at high level) around the Hydraulics Laboratory with various ‘take offs’ to run a selection of experiments where the movement of water is required. These vary from powering two Francis and Pelton turbines, to supplying water to experiments where wave patterns are used to create an ‘hydraulic jump’ to simulate the effects of a tsunami.

The work was completed over a ten week period, with commissioning taking place at the end of the project.